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Our inKind Journey


We are Kaitlyn and Nathan Wright, an artist wife and engineer husband working from our small store in our small home office to build our personalized engraving business! I, Kaitlyn, went to Big Sandy Community & Technical College and Morehead State University where I got my Bachelor of Fine Art degree. Nathan went to University of Kentucky where he became a Mechanical Engineer and earned his MBA. We were friends for four years, dated for a year, engaged for 8 months, and have been married since spring 2019!

Nathan lived in Lexington for 10 years, and we had decided to live there after I graduated, and eventually start our family there when we were ready. But, I missed my family, my hometown, my church family, the beautiful Eastern Kentucky hills… So, Nathan quit his job as Lead Engineer and we moved back to Prestonsburg in August 2018 to start our own business without a place to live, any type of income, and without any real plan for a business. As Nathan says, “sometimes, you just have to burn the barn!” We wanted to move back now and get settled before we decided to have kids. This would be the only way we would be close to our families, live in an area we love, work together everyday, and to do something we both love and are passionate about. So, we set out on a year-long journey of starting businesses, doing lots of research, trying and failing, and working long hours at home without anything to show for it. We kept throwing around business ideas that we hoped would help make Prestonsburg, KY a place that our future kids would love growing up in, and eventually want to stay here to start their own families. We have a passion for this area: it is beautiful, the people are amazing, it is where we met, and it is HOME.

A few weeks before our wedding we came up with the idea of getting a laser and starting our own engraving business. After returning home from our honeymoon the work began: weeks of research, product testing, taking photographs, and making products. We quickly realized we needed to decide where to put our engraving business. Etsy seemed like the best option for us starting out because we wouldn’t have the initial cost of renting a storefront in downtown Prestonsburg.

It didn’t take me long to realize I was able to use my art degree, and Nathan was able to use his engineering and business degrees, all while getting to work together! This is something we didn’t know would be possible. We always thought we would have to compromise, and only focus on one of our skill sets. I take all of our product photos, run all our social media pages, and I get to work with every customer to design their unique product! Nathan gets to work with our laser, engraving all your orders, assembling, quality control, and is constantly testing out new materials for our upcoming products!

After launching online May 14th of 2019, we were overwhelmed by the love and support shown by our community! We soon expanded to a store front downtown! Thats when the direction of inKind started to change for us. After almost 8 months of owning a store front we decided to go back to our roots and move all operations back home and online! 

We are so excited about what the future holds for inKind! We know that we are on the path that God has laid out for us. That path is rarely ever the smoothest, easiest, or prettiest, but we know that the hard work will all be worth it. Thank you all for your love and continued support! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our story!